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Travis Blackman
Travis Blackman

Travis  Blackman illuminates lies with the blinding truth that rids you of your programmed vision and leaves you in Total Darknez ģ to come face to face with the real you and the force of evil that governs and misleads you.

Mr. Blackman has the gift of clarity and he freely bestows it upon you,  by clearly highlighting how media and popular culture has mediated between you and your spirit and now you are so far from yourself, that your soul is crying from within you and you canít even hear it.  Mr. Blackman amplifies your soulís cry and you hear it in his voice and now at long last you can make an informed choice.

Mr. Blackman has won countless competitions and it is no wonder he is at the top of his game because no matter what, the truth must prevail.  Mr. Blackman is without a doubt the best of the best, he has proven that fact countless times as he takes 1st place in every competition and talent show entered on his own merit.

Travis Blackman has recently taken the title of Torontoís (Canada's as well) first International Poetry Slam Champion.  After going up against 36 poets from around the world he came out on top.  The name Travis. Blackman has become a household name, his claim to fame  is his unique ability to enlighten your mind and restore your third eyes vision with his calculating diction which is perceived by your ears as the equation which brings forth the answers to the questions youíve been asking.  When Mr. Blackman tells the truth, in the bliss of ignorance you will no longer be basking, the lies are right in front of you and Travis has just unmasked them.

Mr. Blackman has energized countless venues with the rod of truth he has been heard by the elderly and the youth in places like Mel Lasman Sq, Art Gallery of Ontario, St Lawrence Theatre, Dundas Sq, York University, U of T, and CBC Television just to name a few .

 Travis Blackmanís rhymes are insightful, and leaves you with a mindful so prepare to be enlightened.