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Mauricio Rodas Mauricio "Wicho" Rodas
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M.C.(Rapero), Composer, Actor, Footballer, Activist, Dreamer

His music is about birthing new experiences and rhythms, enlightening and empowering self and the rest of the family into new dimensions. The content and energy of the lyrics is positive, exploring and claiming positive space throughout and in.

Has been "rocking the mike" since 1994; part of La  Onda Whitin' an open concept group with the Soul Intent of Ascension.

Has been composing soon after the "mike rocking" started to suit the worlds that the soul brain and works assembled.

Has acted in various TV shows and films amongst them "Amazon"' "All the Glitters", "Ballet Proof", "Monk", etc.

Has performed at various benefits concerts, protests, back alleys and performed at many of the Toronto venues amongst them Zees Palace, Nathan Phillip Square, Opera House, Reverb, Comfort Zone, El Mocambo, etc.

He loves to play football (yes, football...what a minute, few call soccer) and loves to eat Dorias.

He wishes everyone happy trails. 

One Love